General School Guidelines

Rules to be followed :

  • Punctuality is absolutely essential at all times. Children are liable to be sent home if they are late to school.
  • Parents are expected to check and send the proclamation daily and sign promptly all the messages, remarks and reports.
  • Continuous assessment of the whole years work will be considered for promotion to the next year.
  • A record of the addresses of parents/ guardian is maintained in the school office and if any change it is the parents' duty to inform it without delay.
  • Entry without parent's I card is strictly prohibited in the school premises.
  • Learners should not bring valuable articles for eg: - jewelry, watches, I pads, cameras, mobiles, weapons/ sharp instruments. If found the gadget will be confiscated.
  • Learners are strictly forbidden to carry mobile phones to school. Parents too are requested to switch off their mobiles during their visit to the school campus especially within school hours.
  • Each and every article of the child should have the child's name. The teacher/ school shall not be held responsible for the lost articles.
  • Parents are not allowed to phone educators or principal at their residences. Official communication must be the school diary, or letter or meetings with prior appointment with the school hours.
  • Parents/ guardians are advised not to visit their wards or teachers in their classrooms. They are required to have a prior permission/ appointment to visit or meet anyone in the institution.
  • It is mandatory for the parents to attend their wards PEM which will be informed well in advance.
  • If the child has any major health problem or is having any specific allergy and if there is any such information which is related to the child's health and well being, it has to be put on record in the school and in the class teacher's register.
  • If the child has any fears or phobias, it must be informed.
  • If the child will eat Jain Food – it must be informed well in advance.
  • A Learner absent from exam has to present the supportive document, then only the learner will be eligible for a retest.

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