Communication Policy


To support the community of Gajera Global School as a thriving and successful school we must communicate effectively with each other, with our learners, with their parents and with other members of the wider school community. We need to ensure that communications between all members of the school community are clear, professional, timely and appropriate.

Communications with Parents/Guardians:


Staff will endeavor to reply to parents’ letters as quickly as possible. Any letter of complaint should be referred to the Principal for advice. Letters to parents must be approved by the Principal before posting. Copies of all correspondence with parents will be placed on learner’s files.

E mail

Parents are increasingly using e mail as a method of communicating with staff. Staff will respond as soon as possible after proof reading to check tone and appropriateness of their email. The Principal should be copied into any response to a parent’s email having first gained approval for a draft copy of your reply. Staff may forward emails from parents to a member of the SMT to deal with if preferred and should always do so if the content is a complaint.

A hard copy of any e mail sent to a parent or received by you from a parent should be filed. The same applies to all internal email transmissions concerning pupil matters.

Social Networking Sites/Blogs etc

Staff will not communicate with parents or pupils via social networking sites (such as Facebook) or accept them as their “friends”. The exception to this rule is networks or blogs used in the safety of the GGS portal for the purpose of teaching and learning.

Written Reports/Grade Cards

Twice a year GGS will provide a detailed, full written report to each child’s parents on her / his progress in each subject. This report identifies areas of strength and areas for future development. Learners are also given the opportunity to comment on their own progress and parents are invited to make a similar comment. In addition, parents meet their child’s educator/s four times (end of each Term) during the academic year (twice in juniors) for a private consultation at Parents’ Evening. This gives them the opportunity to celebrate their child’s successes, and to support their child in areas where there is a particular need for improvement. We encourage parents to contact the school if any issues arise regarding their child’s progress or well-being.

Each learner is issued with two Interim Reports per year which gives grades for Achievement of Learning and Attitude to Learning.

School Prospectus

The school prospectus contains a range of specified information to give parents a full picture of provision at our school. This is updated every year.

Public access documents

Curriculum Handbooks and other documents are updated on an annual basis and issued to parents. Copies of these, plus school policies, are available to parents on the school’s website.

School Website

The school website provides information about the school and an opportunity to promote the school to a wider audience. It also has areas for information for current Parents and prospective learners and their parents.

Home-school communication

A calendar of school events is produced at the start of each academic year and issued to parents. A school Newsletter is given to parents and a copy is made available on the School Website at the end of each Term. It contains general details of school events and activities. Parents expect the newsletter, and appreciate the regularity of the contact. We send other letters of a general nature when necessary and store copies on the school’s website.

Children in all classes have a learner planner. This enables parents to record a wide range of information that they wish to share regularly with the educator. Educators use the planner or contact book to record homework assignments, and as a regular channel for communication with parents.

The school encourages parents to share any issues about their child at the earliest opportunity. Educators arrange to see parents as soon as possible. Many parents of junior girls have the opportunity to have a brief word with the educator when they collect them after school.

Open Days and Communication with other schools and outside agencies

Prior to learners joining GGS, (interested) prospective learners and their parents are invited to visit GGS to gain further information about the school, its staff members and Senior Management Team.

We recognize that children have diverse needs, and we are supported by various agencies and groups of professionals at Gajera Global School and outside who keep us informed on better ways to meet these needs, so that children may participate more fully.

We recognize that children have a fundamental right to be protected from harm, that their protection is a shared responsibility, and that our school should provide a safe and secure environment.

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