Scheme of Assessment

Scheme of assessment for formative assessment Class 1 - 5

  • The CCE in classes 1 to 5 shall spread over three terms (Evaluation 1, Evaluation 2 and Evaluation 3) during one academic session.
  • The teacher will evaluate the students through continuous and comprehensive evaluation [CCE].
  • The testing will be done simultaneously while teaching or separately.
  • Most of the time the students will not be aware that they are being tested.
  • There will be minimum 4 cycles of CCE.
  • One cycle of CCE means that all the students of the class are tested in all the competencies.
  • They should obtain at least ā€˜Cā€™ grade. If a child gets ā€˜D` grade in some competencies, the teacher should repeat the cycle.

Scheme of assessment for formative assessment Class 6 - 10

Formative Assessment 1 & 3:

  • One Pen- Paper Test will be conducted under formative assessment for each subject.
  • Other mode of assessment will be classroom interactive activities.
  • Pen- Paper Test subject wise will be part of the Formative Assessment 1 in the first term (last week of July) and Formative Assessment 3 (second week of December)in the second term in each academic session.

A series of diagnostic tools will be used during the course of instruction:
  • Class test -Written as well as Oral
  • Surprise Test
  • Class Responses
  • Minute Paper (Short descriptions made by students which give the teacher immediate feedback. It can be done at the end of the class for understanding the effectiveness of teaching-learning process.) etc.
  • The feedback of FA 1 and FA3 will be used by the teacher to take remedial measures and improve the performance of slow learners in SA 1 and SA 2 respectively so that they get minimum `D` grade in all the subjects.

Formative Assessment 2 and 4
The following suggested activities will be taken up by the teachers during the process of instruction to assess the expected level of learning in their subjects:

Languages (Hindi, G/M/S, English)
  • Oral and listening-these could be listening comprehension, prepared speech, conversation or dialogue.
  • Written assignments-short/long question answers, creative writing, reports, newspaper articles, diary entries, poetry etc.
  • Speeches-debates, oratory, recitation, extempore etc.
  • Research projects-information gathering, deductive reasoning, analysis and synthesis and a presentation using a variety of forms including the use of Information Technology(IT).
  • Pair work/group work
  • Peer assessment
  • Assessment for Listening and speaking skills

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